Telemedicine Platform

Telemedicine Platform for NFL, MLB , NCAA and Olympic Teams



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Branding Design (UX + UI) Engineering (iOS, Android, Web, Backend) Product Management


Health care providers for MLB and NCAA teams needed a faster and safer way to manage their athletes’ injuries – as existing methods like texting or emailing were not secure and made coordination difficult to track and prioritize. This led to critical delays and mistakes that affected athlete injury recovery times, as providers wasted over 60 minutes per day due to workflow inefficiencies.


Stakeholders aimed to make workplace medical collaboration easier by improving communication and planning efficiency.

We first embedded our team in athletic clubhouses like Yankee Stadium to understand the needs of healthcare providers and athletes. We observed key behaviors and workflows firsthand. Then we created rapid prototypes to validate assumptions with caregivers around workflows such as creating cases, messaging, prioritization, and virtual coordination.

From there we designed the user experience and developed a robust MVP (minimum viable product) for iOS, Android, and web. The platform was fully HIPAA compliant.


  • Adoption by NFL, MLB, NCAA, and Olympic teams including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Marlins and
  • Estimated 30% time savings per case through streamlined communication and documentation
  • Telehealth cost savings over $104,564 per organization
  • Featured on ESPN as advancing telemedicine innovation

Top sports teams around the world are benefiting from the sports telehealth platform. Healthcare providers are better able to plan, prioritize, and communicate. Greater efficiencies are reducing mistakes and delays to ultimately improving patient-athlete recovery times.   

Download our case study deck to see our work.