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OpinionUP publishes daily polls on trending news.




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OpinionUP’s goal was to give people a new way to express their opinions on any given topic. Unlike other social polling networks that largely offer binary polls, OpinionUP believed people’s opinions were not a black and white affair. With significant players in the space, OpinionUP needed to differentiate in order to create strong user engagement.


We set out to test OpinionUP’s hypothesis on whether a richer poll experience would foster engagement. We worked closely with Punch, a leading digital creative agency, to ensure the user experience minimized friction. Polls had to be quick, entertaining, and simple to vote on. Our team also architected a robust admin panel so OpinionUP’s staff could manage polls and their team of curators.

After receiving positive feedback on the MVP (minimum viable product), our UX team worked with Punch team to bring user generated content (UGC) into the experience.


  • Votes cast: 3,000,000+
  • Polls created: 35,000
  • Daily Active User count: is approximately 20% of all users
  • 47% of all users have used the app on a weekly basis
  • Over 90% of people who have downloaded the app have finished the on-boarding process

The platform’s initial versions drove strong user engagement and proved out key acquisition channels. The next version allowed users to create polls, message each other, and form groups – helping stakeholders’ achieve their strategy to establish a solid presence on university campuses.

Download our case study deck to see our work.