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Artfare wanted a way to empower and celebrate artists by blending physical exhibitions with a new digital marketplace. At the same time Artfare wanted to make art less intimidating and more approachable for patrons

The art world is opaque, and artists seldom have the opportunity to connect with their patrons. Additionally, transactions are not transparent, making artists feel shortchanged. Artfare wanted to solve these issues by building a digital gallery that enabled artists to sell their artwork and connect with patrons directly.

In addition, Artfare sought to improve the patron purchasing journey. The digital marketplace had to be more than just transactions – it needed to connect patrons and artists over their joint interest in celebrating art. This meant solving for the logistical nightmares around procuring and delivering art, and making the end to end experience convenient and fast.  

It was important for Artfare to create a smooth experience between physical exhibitions and digital, by utilizing technologies such as Augmented Reality and Image Recognition.



Archbolt worked closely with Artfare’s team of designers and marketers to define the product roadmap for the minimum viable product (MVP) and beyond.

We worked in two week sprints to develop a native iOS app that was intuitive for patrons and artists alike. We performed R&D on emerging technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) to help patrons visualize how pieces would look in their home by virtually placing it on their wall. We also developed Image Recognition (IR) allowing patrons quickly identify and learn more about artwork they like.

To facilitate transactions, we implemented Stripe Connect. This allowed us to quickly build a robust marketplace where artists could seamlessly promote and sell their work, and patrons could browse and discover new art.

Outside of the app, we also built a dynamic and responsive web platform where artists could promote themselves. This interfaced with the app through deeplinking (facilitated by, leading to a cohesive experience from web to iOS.


  • Daily Active User count: is approximately 20% of all users
  • 47% of all users have used the app on a weekly basis
  • And over 90% of people who have downloaded the app have finished the on-boarding process
  • 8700+ Impressions and 2600+ Product Page Views in 8 weeks
  • 5,000 AR previews
  • 29% Daily Average Conversion
  • 66% Sign up conversion on downloads

Our team delivered a beta version of the app in four months, followed by a full release two months later.

Artfare’s launch received strong positive feedback from both patrons and artists, with four and five figure transactions occurring through the platform.

The iOS app is a core component to facilitating transactions and managing internal operations.

Download our case study deck to see our work.