About Us

Archbolt helps our clients forge a long term path to success. We work with business leaders to shape execution strategies, customer experiences and digital products that forge unbreakable bonds with their customers and people. Blending strategy and execution, we partner with Fortune enterprises and brands like Unilever, Nestle and Prudential. Industries served include enterprise, healthcare, consumer, finance, logistics, retail and media.


Mathew Lazarus

An expert in human decision-making, Mathew helps leaders focus on high growth initiatives. Former tech recruiter. BA Psychology, UPenn.

Neil Rajpal

Proven founder with venture exits, Neil designs high growth businesses and oversees massive digital rollouts for Fortune brands.

CC Chaman

Founder of LendKey and former Citi investment banker and Oracle Engineer, CC is a no-bs serial entrepreneur and angel investor fueled by success.

Saif Rahman

An operator whose ventures reach high profitability, Saif directs multi-million dollar projects and marketing budgets.